Birth of INSPION Inc.

We are a team of accomplished composers and sound designers with over 10 years of experience in the video games industry. Our vision is to unite creators from various major game companies and break the boundaries of genre and competition. Our rich professional music production background empowers us to utilize a wide range of artistic and technological skills to go beyond the inspiration of sound. This is what we call INSPION.

We have always tried to take on challenges with a reasonable strategy and a clear vision in mind. With a sound yet passionate management, INSPION has hired competent creators in professional game audio and grown to a team of over 10 people since its inception. To our great honor, as soon as we started, we were solicited to work on a number of wonderful projects, and were able to collect achievements one by one while balancing out creativity and business imperatives. We are deeply thankful to all industry seniors and co-workers who believed in the birth of INSPION and warmly welcomed us from the very start.

Future of INSPION

To me, as an entrepreneur, corporate management is essentially about having a very strong, long term vision. I want all people involved to thrive and enjoy their work, with the aim to return this happiness back to society. Business is merely a way to make this happen.

The most important thing for us to continue developing our activities is "trust". For our sound production studio this translates to"always good sound, forever good sound." What defines good music in video game development is quite broad. Of course sound quality on its own is very important, but also communication or experience are crucial elements that greatly impact our work. In order to keep delivering high quality work, we will continue to hire people with extensive game audio production experience and keep building up and sharing skills. While shaping INSPION’s corporate culture with consistent management policy, we commit to making the best sound possible, the main purpose of INSPION’s creation.

I regard profit as a measure of relevance. We will always keep contributing to game development by building the best team, further refine our skills and gather new technology. While nurturing this creative yet economic activity is our main mission, pursuing the necessary profit is the validation of our business. We will never stop striving hard to create music with whole-hearted devotion.

Games keep surprising us by breaking paradigms with new innovative concepts. They raise controversy, create new cultures and value systems, thus playing a significant role in the ongoing transformation of the world. As a part of it, we shall also contribute our fair share to the expansion of the video game industry and the development of the world.

Takeshi Kuramochi, President & CEO





Reliable audio skills and a sense of balance fostered by extensive industry experience

Reliable production know-how acquired over years of experience is not only useful to make good sound, it can also be used to accurately design sound positioning. We consciously create sound and music with overall game design in mind. Whether it's a matter of acoustic engineering, or coloring an action or underlining dialogue in-game, we design and implement audio by focusing on what needs to be conveyed to the player. These sounds can be crafted in various ways by working on volume, texture and melody control and require a subtle sense of balance. This is the unique craft that INSPION is the most proud of.

High adaptability to fit production needs through flexible teamwork and professional creators

Some projects focus on pure quality, others demand cost and speed. Besides sound creation itself, we also have all-in-one offers where we work on sound direction or sound integration. In order to respond to such diverse needs, it is necessary to build up unrestricted and flexible teamwork, requiring high-level skills and professionalism from each artist. INSPION made this possible by teaming up with creators with careers of over 10 years working at major game companies. You can trust us not only with music and sound effect production, but also with assigning sound directors, overall sound organizing,overall audio direction for mobile, and sound planning etc. In cases where game directors who are not familiar with music are required to perform multiple tasks, we can take over and even assign INSPION team members to sound direction and make sure sound quality stays top-notch.

If your sole objective is streamlining your process, it might seem convenient to separate work per responsibility, such as communication, sales, or production. INSPION is different. Here, each creator is familiar with multiple areas of the production pipeline, and can contribute to that pipeline by simultaneously taking on various tasks like producing, directing or communicating with clients. At INSPION we are trying to evolve with incoming projects. We aim to build a production environment that always favors the growth of our creators.


High responsiveness, tight schedule management and record-keeping

As previous clients can attest, we will usually reply to client requests within the hour. Coming from major game companies and thus understanding the preoccupations from the outsourcer’s side more than anyone, we take tight schedule management, the importance of a trust relationship and quick responsiveness very serious. Also, we keep detailed minutes for all the meetings we have and share them with our clients for smooth communication. We promise a cordial and fruitful exchange from beginning to end.

An unconditional search for balance between creativity and business

The unlimited passion of composers and sound designers completely devoted to producing high-quality audio is important, but the way to achieve this under certain restrictions is at the heart of the challenges of game production. Our motto "There isn’t something like the ultimate perfect sound or perfect price" defines our foundational principle towards business. However, this cannot simply be achieved by adjusting budget and duration between companies on a macro level. At INSPION, we also believe that our creators themselves must understand projects from both a business and production perspective, and make the success of the project a top priority. For that, we keep learning and we value our time.